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Real Estate

The founders, with years of experience acquired by working in real estate at the national level, feel the need to create a strong, professional and flexible structure. Our primary objective is to find the complete satisfaction of the customer, demanding punctuality and competence to resolving all financial questions, contracts and regulations relating to real estate for sale or purchase.

All these are based on a few but clear principles that underpin the work of all employees, such as professional skills, clarity in relations with stakeholders, pre and post sales services, privacy, and various technical consulting. Another distinguishing feature is the large and varied property portfolio acquired and managed with transparency and authenticity typical of our territory.

This led to customer’s loyalty, which have become now the best visiting cards for the agency’s activities.

Le Marche, our land.

There are many good reasons to come and know and maybe settle here. It’s really amazing to know how even today, it was able to maintain that atmosphere that is fruit of traditions and respect for the past. It’s like living in another dimension, where innovative ideas, entrepreneurial skills and the life rhythm of once upon a time coexist. For a visitor, it is easy to be fascinated by the blue sea and golden beaches, sweet hills dotted with vineyards and olive groves and landscapes of mountains, like bulwarks, act as a natural boundary. Scattered among these authentic and genuine scenarios there are several medieval villages that offer a huge variety of food and wine tours.

Almost in the centre of the region there’s the town of Tolentino, the current location of the Leali Real Estate Agency. Within its municipal area, there are about 20.000 inhabitants and its geographical position, particularly favourable, has allowed us to understand human settlements since ancient times and has made this town, from the historical, cultural and economical point of view, a logical connection between the mountain areas and the coast. Tolentino is also very active from the point of view of artisan and industrial production which play a special role in the real estate business because of the presence of numerous ruins, farmhouses and villas scattered in the immediate vicinity, much appreciated by foreign investors. This city, culturally vibrant, offers various interesting, permanent exhibitions, places of worship and noble residences, which are much appreciated by lovers of art and tourism.

Citing the slogan used by the Marche region, it is necessary to repeat: “Le Marche, Italy in one region”.